Ivan Nazarov
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Ivan Vladimirovich Nazarov was born in 1957 in Sosnovoye in the province of Rovno, Ukraine.  
In 1978 he graduated from the Kiev Art-Industry School in graphic design.
Since 1996 Ivan Vladimirovich is a member of the International Artists’ Federation, of the Union of artists of Russia.
In 1982, incorporated with the Public fine Arts Association of Zheleznodorozhniy, Moscow oblast, he started vigorous activity by participating in local, regional and republican art exhibitions.
From 1984 to 1990 Ivan Nazarov had staged his personal exhibitions in Moscow, Balashikha and
Zheleznodorozhniy cities.
He is a laureate of the All-USSR Art Exhibition dedicated to 40-year anniversary of the victory
in Great Patriotic War (The Central House of Artists, Moscow). A participant in temporary expositions of the Artrists’ Union.
2006 – The Christmas exhibition in Moscow House of Nationalities arranged by The Greek cultural center in Moscow.
At present the painter collaborates with many well-known picture galleries in Moscow.
His works can be found in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Japan.
They enrich interiors of firms, big companies, foreign mission offices.
Ivan Vladimirovich lives and works in Balashikha, Moscow region.
Truthfulness and beauty are just those esthetic measures that remain invariable in Russian arts for the hundreds of years.

I.S. Turgenev emphasized – “Russians hold Beauty sacred”.

Ivan Nazarov is an artist of a Tradition. Observation is a foremost thing he relies upon in his work.
He travels much through Russia.
Taken with some excellent country view he can stop his car and begin painting at any time.
His watercolor “The road to Shamordino” was born in this way.The scenery is approaching to and
moving from a spectator at the same time. The painter choose an upper view point.
As from a bird's-eye view he displays the ordinary central russian village lying comfortably near the road.
Delicate and slightly faded gamut of colors emphasizes the charm of natural beauty. The skill to discover sovereign esthetic properties in ordinary things is the special feature of Ivan Nazarov’s talent.
The delicacy itself, the soft clearness of watercolor style disposes the author to represent sublime and ideal things. The painter seeks for passing through the visible to the invisible. Representing traditional Russian landscape painting themes he ennobles them, clears them from the vanity and the accidental.
He calls his viewer to feel personal involvement into world’s beauty.
When comparing Nazarov’s landscapes with their real natural and architectural prototype sights it should be meant not loss in realistic but idealization of the pictured.
The painter has felt deeply the primordial Russian architecture’s trait – its organic unity with nature.
When spectating churches from afar, from the most remote points of view, they acquire special stirring delight.
The painter’s pictures of white churches amongst boundless snow-covered Russian plain spaciousness are meditative and filled with silence and serenity. Perfect beauty of watercolor sheets is accentuated by lightened and spiritual colorful gamma.
         With all the poetical loftiness Ivan Nazarov’s works are notable for the documentary feature.
As a historian he represents landmarks with highest accuracy fixing their neglected appearance before restoration and then he shows them regenerated and acting. Unfortunately there quite often is a situation when his works illustrate the look of recently destroyed architectural masterpieces.
Watercolor landscape painting was widespread in Russian arts in the XVIII-XIX centuries.
Watercolor is a chamber art. Ivan Nazarov’s pictures are filled with peculiar sincerity and warm-heartedness.
His works intend to affirm the most kind and inspiring in human’s life.
Larissa Rtischeva, art historian.
Copyright Ivan Nazarov